Return Policy and Return Form

Limited Local Singapore Warranty Exclusive to Aerahaus SEA, Singapore

Only tado smart AC controls distributed under Aerahaus SEA, Singapore will be entitled to a 2 years local hardware warranty and 1 year on site support from the date of purchase. We reserve the right not to allow any claims unless registered under our database, with a verified proof of purchase and the correct matching serial number of the device.

All tado smart devices exclusively distributed by Aerahaus Singapore will be automatically registered with the buyer(s) particulars with reference to the serial number of the proof of purchase invoice, tracking id number, and finally, the unique product registration number digitally imprinted on all tado smart devices.

(Your device's digital signature will be registered automatically under the buyer's particulars and name once you have made an online purchase from us.)

Handling with indirect customers, defective products including,
RMA=Return Merchandise Authorisation, DOA = Dead On Arrival

Aerahaus Singapore does not cover any wear and tear of tado devices and reserve the right to void the warranty of tado smart devices if the product is found to have been tampered with.

If a hardware issue is found within the tado device, Aerahaus Singapore will provide a one to one exchange service to the customer registered under our warranty database. Failure to provide verification of purchase from may void your existing warranty. Please keep a reference of your invoice number to remain eligible for warranty claims.

If the product is returned with an incomplete set or missing items or without original packaging, Aerahaus Singapore reserves the right to charge for these items before fulfilling a one to one exchange criteria with original packaging.

Aerahaus Singapore will not accept any warranty claims of tado smart home devices from overseas, other e-commerce, without a proof of purchase from We reserve the right to decline any customer requesting support or claims without a proof of purchase verification within our database by

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