Tado smart AC control, officially distributed by Aerahaus Smart HOME Singapore.

Aerahaus Smart SEA, SG
Aerahaus Smart SEA, SG

"Smart-Technik-Haus" represents our passion in providing smart home technology in nuturing a new generation of energy efficient solutions. The Aerahaus Smart Division of Southeast Asia, Singapore, aims to promote sustainable living solutions in educating the responsibility of individuals of smarter, greener, and healthier living! Live yours with Aerahaus Smart Solutions today!

tado GER, Munich
tado GER, Munich

Based in Germany, Munich, tado is recognised as a leader in Europe providing smart home climate control solutions. Bridging the gap and headquartered in Singapore, Aerahaus is the official exclusive distributor to all tado smart AC controls. Get your tado smart AC control with local warranty and support from Aerahaus Smart in Singapore today!

Turn your Existing AC Smart.

“A Minimalist and Smart User Design Interface.” - The Telegraph


Just lost that old AC Remote Control that doesn't seem to be working in the first place? Can’t seem to find the correct model of AC remote for your old but reliable split unit AC?


Fret not. Meet the all new tado smart AC Control officially distributed by Aerahaus Smart, SouthEast Asia, Singapore.

Designed and Manufactured in Germany, Munich, the tado smart AC Control predicts control over your cooling needs with a simple and intuitive user interface and minimalist design that blends into your beautiful home.


Interested? Read on to find out more.

 Easy. Just tap.

“Finally an end to fiddly thermostats and wasted energy” - TechCrunch

Forget screw, nuts or messing with wiring  and clicky moving parts. The tado Smart AC control is designed to be versatile and easy to use from the ground up. 

Installation is as easy as recognising ABC without the use of any equipment or tools. Simply plug and play while the intuitive mobile app guides you through the installation process.


The rest? Easy. Just tap.

Fits Any Remote Controlled AC.

“Expanding Leadership In Intelligent Climate Control” - TechCrunch


Yes you read it right, tado is equipped with a learning function and interacts with most IR Remote AC units from renowned brands from General Electric, Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric and many more. 


Compatible with in-window AC units, split system, and even portable AC purifiers with IR remote support, nothing escapes tado’s line of sight.


Give your existing AC a chance to cool you better with the all new tado smart AC Control. Because every AC deserves a second chance. Time to make it cool.

Regular Cloud Updates.

“With Apple Homekit Support, Users with Iphones will be able to use Siri to control their AC soon.” - Slash-Gear 


Compatible with IFTTT (If this then that), and future smart hosts, create simple individual smart home automation recipes with tado such as:

“IF my stock prices drop below __turn off AC cooling to save my money.”

Go ahead and have more fun by connecting your device at our channel.   https://ifttt.com/tado_smart_ac_control

tado with IFTTT. Let the Internet Work for You.

Pre-Cool Your Home.

“Its intelligence is in the cloud and accessibility to any internet device.” - The Telegraph.


Built to complement the Internet of Things (IOT), tado allows you to pre-cool your home, saving you up to 40% more energy than it takes to cool your home on a hot and sunny day. 


Using your smart phone’s location, tado senses when you are close to home and sets the room temperature to your desired comfort level.


tado by Aerahaus Singapore. Because you deserve to be pampered.

Smart Scheduling.

"Pre-cool with the use of smart schedules and IFTTT recipes." - IFTTT

DIY. A Piece of Cake.

Plug. Download. Play.  No Complex Programming Required.

Unlike other home automation kits that often requires costly, or complex programming, tado was designed with the idea of being versatile and user friendly.

If you know how to connect a plug into a power outlet and download an app, you will generally have an idea how to use the tado smart AC control. 

Go ahead. Challenge yourself and start saving energy with the all new tado smart AC Control today!

Equipped Smart.

“Thanks to its onboard array of ambient, light, motion, and humidity sensors.” - fresh home


From research, over 30% of Gaia’s energy is consumed by cooling and heating of apartments and offices. As a matter of fact, over 45% of your average household’s energy cost equates to the inefficient use of cooling and ventilation.


tado’s wireless (wifi) ability is set to change that by gathering data from various cloud based online weather sources in advance while cross referencing with in built sensors to create your desired room temperature.

tado from Aerahaus Singapore. Save Energy. Saving Gaia.

tado Smart AC Control-Aerahaus Smart Division, Southeast Asia, Singapore

Meet all the new tado smart AC Control officially distributed by Aerahaus Smart, Southeast Asia, Singapore.

Designed and Manufactured in Germany, Munich.

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tado arrives in Singapore!

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